Powersurge are an Auckland, New Zealand based company who design and manufacture in metal. Working seamlessly across a range of industries and in collaboration with some of New Zealand’s most innovative architects,designers, homeowners and brands, their reputation has grown to such an extent that their work has come to be known as true artistry in steel.

In their work as specialists in the design and manufacture of metal works, they have completed major fitouts for cafes, bars, stores and restaurants, as well as helped create furniture ranges and unique, one off pieces. Their varied projects have seen them work closely with others across the creative industries such as architects, designers and artists, often helping realise that which is in the "too hard" basket for many designers and homeowners.

Led by Todd Stevenson, work by the Powersurge team can be seen in the many of the coolest restaurants and bars around town,as well is in super yachts, the showrooms of leading designers and even in your local cafe. Powersurge's latest work can be seen in Best Ugly Bagels, Tin Soldier, Libertine, Everybody's, Roxy, Elske, Bread & Butter Bakery and local and international BurgerFuel fitouts.