From hand made soft toys as a child to computer chip sculptures as a teen, Todd then moved onto jewellery design before immersing himself in the world of steel and beginning the production of handmade candlelabras and fruitbowls. Meanwhile Andrea was a brilliant classical piano teacher.... 

In 1999 Todd and Andrea welcomed the fourth member of them family, Scarlett. With the arrival of a new born and a 7 year old in tow, shit got real. Andrea and Todd formalised their on going partnership and in the year of the millennium, POWERSURGE was born. 

Todd heads the Creative Team at Powersurge, and is a self described "ideas man" with a unique sense of humour. With a long history of over 20 years, Todd specialised in creating works in metal, both artistic and commercial. His career has seen him working closely with the New Zealand film industry, creating a range of homewares for various design stores around the country.  Todd now works alongside project managers, interior designers and architects to create some of the coolest fit outs in town.

Powersurge now includes a permenent team of 5 people and 2 dogs, alongside a revolving team of sub contractors who work with Powersurge when their specialist skills are required. 

In short, Andrea now runs the rest of the company and we are yet to find her a title that is fitting for everything she does. 

For Todd, no job is too challenging, and his strength lies in his innate talent solving even the trickiest of design problems, making dreams of every size a reality.

Together, they are Powersurge and the are a force to be reckoned with.